Primary sector - Training, technology transfer, skills development with mentorship of previously disadvantaged individuals in the primary livestock/dairy sector:

This project involves training and the transfer of skills to farm labourers and emerging farmers.

The project addresses animal health, udder health, milk production, financial management, milk harvesting, milk quality, milk recording, milk hygiene, vaccines and immunisation, nutrition, breeding, reproduction, animal husbandry, productivity and free market system, motivation and work ethics, milk harvesting, training and technology transfer.

Primary sector - Mentoring:

The project at Elim missionary in the Western Cape Province addresses transformation at its three most important levels for individual empowerment: transfer of skills; enterprise development; social upliftment. All facets of dairy farming are covered.

Secondary sector empowerment:

Empowerment of secondary industry with standards; products, advice on skills development of dairy technical nature and support of tertiary education in order to promote transformation through:

3.2.1 Establishment and maintenance of registered learning standards;

3.2.2 Design, development and registration of qualifications according to the required and most effective approach presented by DHET and decided upon by industry;

3.2.3 Development and maintenance of learning materials which service the various needs of industry of dairy technical and related nature

3.2.4 Development of policies and procedures for implementation of the QCTO system of provision, assessment and moderation for the ‘Dairyman’ qualification;

3.2.5 Marketing of unit standards based learning materials AND Coaching manuals (together with other existing learning aids) available, the skills development dispensation (including the FoodBev SETA and opportunities for learning and grants available from FoodBev SETA);

3.2.6 Administration of bursary schemes for tertiary education in Food Science and related scarce skills; and

3.2.7 Advisory and tactile services to industry to promote the quality of workplace learning, implying provision, assessment and moderation where required.