Transformation Handbook for the South African Dairy Industry 2014/15

Publication date

Milk SA, its two members (the MPO and Sampro) and other organisations are undertaking various initiatives to empower black entrepreneurs to become more successful and contribute to a more competitive South African dairy industry.

This handbook serves as a practical guide for people who would like to become involved in empowerment and transformation of black people in the South African dairy industry, and for black entrepreneurs who need practical guidance in this regard.

As transformation and empowerment initiatives are extremely dynamic and challenging, this product – our first attempt – will be updated continuously with the very latest information.

We therefore trust that this handbook will serve as a guide for:

  • black entrepreneurs who want to enter the dairy industry;
  • who are employed in the industry, aspiring to expand their horizons; and
  • for employers, governmental institutions and others who wish to use it as a tool to contribute meaningfully to transformation in the dairy industry of South Africa.
Purpose of this handbook

The prime purpose of this handbook is to empower black entrepreneurs and institutions in the South African dairy industry with information and guidelines in the process of transformation, and serve as a reference for dairy transformation initiatives of Milk South Africa, its two members and other institutions.

It is important to cover the profile of the South African dairy industry and other activities within the organised dairy industry, as transformation occurs within the broader environment of the industry.