When the Dairy Board was closed down in 1993 after decades of control, the following organisations existed in the dairy industry:

  • SAMO (South African Milk Organisation), who had certain milk processors as members.
  • NMDA (National Milk Distributors’ Association), who also had certain milk processors as members.
  • MPO (Milk Producers’ Organisation), who had milk producers as members.

1998 was the last year of statutory funding to the MPO, which was replaced with voluntary member fees.

SAMFED, (South African Milk Federation) was established in 1997 to be the instrument through which SAMO, NMDA and the MPO could collaborate.

During the period when SAMFED was established and thereafter, the organised dairy industry has made serious efforts towards a strategy for the development of the dairy industry. Such efforts were made in consultation with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade & Industry.

These strategic thinking and work resulted in:

  • the establishment of SAMPRO in 2003 by the NMDA and SAMO with the purpose to be an instrument for all members of the secondary dairy industry;
  • the establishment of Milk SA in 2002 by the MPO, NMDA and SAMO to be the instrument through which common interests of the primary and secondary dairy sectors could be addressed;
  • a strategic direction accepted by the MPO and SAMPRO and which lead to the imposition of statutory measures which are administered by Milk South Africa.