NB 110

Here are some hightlights that you will find in this issue.

In the area of standards:
• AOAC, ISO and IDF have closely cooperated in the development of over 20 standards for the determination of vitamins and other nutrients in infant formula and adult nutritionals, whose adoption by the CCNFSDU will be soon discussed
• ICAR and IDF are working together on a new reference system for Somatic Cell Counting
• IDF and ISO published a more robust, rapid and reliable method for the determination of alkaline phosphatase activity in cheese.

In the area of food safety and quality:
• IDF is undertaking new work on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by establishing a new Task Force on AMR, by collaborating with FAO on this topic and by participating in the new Codex working group on AMR
• IDF has published a new factsheet to help dealing with the risk of Cronobacter species in the dairy industry.

In the area of animal health and welfare:
• The IDF Standing Committee on Animal Health and Welfare is collaborating with the ICAR Working Group on Functional Traits
• Knowledge and experience in Mastitis was shared during the 6th IDF Mastitis Conference in Nantes
• The Animal Health Newsletter 2016 is now available.
NB 110