Application for Maas dispensation approved
Milk SA

SAMPRO applied for a dispensation in respect of new requirements in respect of maas which was granted by the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), as is clear from the annexure. The termination date of the dispensation is not 29 February 2012, as stated in the annexed document, but 28 February 2013.  The last mentioned date was confirmed in writing by DAFF.

Latest trends in milk production
Melk SA

Die styging in melkproduksie oor die eerste sewe maande van 2012 teenoor dieselfde periode van 2011, is 4,15%.

Julie 2012 se produksie is 3,86% meer as die produksie in Julie 2011.

Die sikliese laagtepunt in Junie is nou verbygesteek en melkproduksie in Julie 2012 was reeds 1,38% meer as in Junie 2012.

Sien die aangehegte grafieke.

Vrystaat se Meestersuiwelboer aangewys
Melk SA

Dr Kobus Hendriks van Heilbron is weer eens aangewys as die Meestersuiwelboer-vereniging se wenner van die Vrystaat streek. Dr Hendriks, wat voorheen 'n veearts was, het die melkery in 1986 by sy oorlede vader oorgeneem en het die titel al dertien keer verower. Die naaswenner van die kompetisie is Mnr Jacques Moll van Ficksburg, terwyl Mnr Frans Wolhuter van Magogongen die derde plek verower het. Mnr Jan Zim van Kestell is as die beste opkomende boer aangewys.

CEO observes milk recording on invitation by ARC
Milk SA

The CEO recently attended a milk recording session at one of the ARC's clients, Legemaat Farming, on invitation of the ARC. The ARC, is the responsible body for the animal improvement schemes and Milk SA is in liaison with the ARC and other role-players to promote harmonization, especially in respect of the pooling of data.

Milk SA held talks with the ARC on the milk recording issue
Milk SA

On 8 August 2012, a delegation from Milk SA held talks with high officials of the ARC regarding the division in the industry regarding milk recording. The ARC was willing to work together with all parties to find a solution for at least the pooling of milk recording information. In terms of the Animal Improvement Act, the National Milk Recording and Improvement Scheme must ensure that all recorded data is submitted to the Integrated Registration and Genetic Information System (INTERGIS); and the Scheme will be managed by the ARC.