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Scientific Symposium - Saturday 17 May 2014  IDF/ISO Analytical Week, Berlin, Germany

After the last two symposia, dealing with Safeguarding Dairy Food Safety and the Role of Standardization including case studies of trade issues, this year's symposium is focused on the Contribution of Analytics to Safeguard our Dairy Cows' Health and Healthy Dairy Products.

The intention is that IDF/ISO Analytical Week together with ICAR Biennial Congress and INTERBULL are functioning as a melting pot in the background. These combined events attract specialists in the field of Analytics as well as experts in “digesting” and applying data to enhance information quality and information density for dairy herd managers in the frame of a health oriented DHI system, which should lead to fruitful interdisciplinary discussions – to the benefit of the dairy farmers.

What can Analytics Contribute to Healthy Cows and Healthy Dairy Products?

08:30 - 09:00 Welcome | Registration | Morning Tea or Coffee

09:00 - 11:00 Opening
Christian Baumgartner (ADR/DLQ) – Introduction to the Scientific Symposium
Jaap Evers (IDF) – The Role of Dairy Analytics Today – the IDF Perspective
Udo Folgart (VDM)– Healthy Cows for Healthy Milk (and Happy Consumers) – Guiding Principles of the German Dairy Sector
Folkert Onken (DLQ) – milchQplus – a National Program to Improve Udder Health Based on DHI Data
David Barbano (Cornell University) – Diving Deeper into Raw Milk Data – Advanced Use of FTIR-Spectra

11:00 - 11:30 Health Break

11:30 - 13:00 RefSysSCC – a Joint Project of IDF/ISO and ICAR to Build Up a Reference System for Somatic Cell Counting
Harrie van den Bijgaart (IDF/ISO/ICAR) – What is a Reference System and Why do We Need It?
Silvia Orlandini (IDF/ISO/ICAR) – Current Situation of the Joint RefSysSCC Project – Who? What? When?
Thomas Berger (IDF/ISO) and Werner Luginbühl (ChemStat) – The Implications of New Statistical Tools to Evaluate and Compare the Analytical Performance of Laboratories Summary and Adjourn

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INFO 20140327