Industry Information

Collection, processing, evaluation and distribution of industry information to role-players in the South African Dairy Industry. (Project manager: Milk Producers' Organisation)

The main goal of this project is to supply timely, accurate and reliable information to all role-players in the dairy industry value-chain to enable them to achieve sustainable, competitive growth.

Statistical information and other information regarding the dairy industry in South Africa and internationally and analysis of such information is required to promote market access in respect of the dairy industry, the efficiency of marketing of milk and other dairy products, and the viability of the industry. The information regarding the dairy industry and the analysis thereof make market signals visible for role-players in the industry and for Government institutions and contribute significantly to the achievement of the relevant objectives of the Act.

Membership to the International Dairy Federation (IDF). (Project manager: SA National Committee of the IDF)

The IDF is an independent, non-political, international association without profit motive. Its purpose is to represent the world dairy sector as a whole at international level by providing the best global source of scientific expertise and knowledge in support of the development and promotion of quality milk and milk products to provide consumers with nutrition, health and well-being. The IDF aims to perform and develop all activities that contribute to the achievement of its objective of:

  • collecting scientific, technical and economic information and setting up study and research groups.
  • publishing and disseminating the results of studies and research.
  • supporting the organizing of seminars, symposia, conferences and other dairy events at international level.
  • representing the dairy sector on international organisations.

The mission of the SA National Committee of the IDF is to promote and enhance the image, trade, production and consumption of milk and milk products in South Africa by contributing scientific, technical and economic information to IDF Standing Committees which, after dissemination and compilation, provides useable information back to the local industry. By nature of these actions, it creates a platform for meaningful exchange of professional knowledge and discussion.