Research and Development

Provide technical information to milk producers and milk processors 

Relevant international and domestic dairy research papers are put into a database for easy access by members of the industry. Eight of the most important journals have been targeted and up to date some 800 papers have been put on the database. A second initiative is to interpret and summarize research results of particular relevance to the industry and which are also put on the website. This is done once a month under the heading "The Research Column". 

Assemble researchers in dairy-related issues and industry leaders annually at a summit to discuss views and interpretations of what is important to take the industry forward in terms of sustainability, profitability and competitiveness

The research capacities in the country are documented and annually updated. This is documented in terms of researchers, infrastructure, projects, papers and students participating. A further aim is to work towards collaboration between capacities and eventually development of centres of excellence. At the Milk SA Dairy Research Forum which is annually organized in August research fields and subjects are prioritized, annually reviewed and relevance to industry objectives discussed. The priority list in the present year has now been taken further by dedicated work groups that will develop project protocols for the highest priorities in the particular discipline; this to ensure that the projects with the most likely impact in terms of industry objectives come on the table. 

Develop and guide processes and procedures towards establishing a viable structure to promote R & D 

Documents for project protocols, contracts, progress reports and supporting documents were developed and an evaluation and guidance structure were put in place. 

Liaise and participate in the International Dairy Federation (IDF) programme to support the global green economy initiative 

Input has been given to the IDF Greenpaper on the green economy and South African case studies reported for inclusion in the list of the website.

Evaluate, fund and co-ordinate research projects

A Research Project Evaluation Committee (RPEC) has been established with seven specialist Work Groups, to evaluate project proposals, validate project proposals for funding by Milk SA and / or other institutions and to advise the Board of Directors accordingly. The establishment of Co-operative Research Networks is encouraged.