Consumer Education

The Consumer Education Project's task to understand and influence consumer behaviour is a never-ending challenge which requires continuous study of the relevant sciences and creative action.

The purpose of the project is to communicate the health and nutritional advantages of dairy products to the South African society through various communication media. Therefore, the project also serves to empower consumers with information to enable them to make responsible choices. This project is based on scientific knowledge regarding the nutritional composition of different dairy products and its impact on health and perceptions of consumers regarding dairy products.

The communication campaign consists of two elements namely:

  • General Communication which conveys messages of a general nature regarding the health and nutritional advantages of dairy products to consumers; and
  • Specialized Communication which conveys proactive and reactive messages regarding the health and nutritional advantages of dairy products to selected target groups which are opinion formers in the South African society.

The target group for the General Communication element is LSM 6-10 as determined by the Milk SA advisory committee, while the target group for the Specialized Communication element is health professionals namely doctors, nurses, dietitians and nutritionists.

The programme includes initiatives such as:

  • The television advertisement "Dairy Gives You Whatever Go You Need"
  • The RediscoverDairy social media campaign aimed at mothers including a recipe portal
  • The dairy matrix video, explaining to health professionals the unique benefits of dairy in the diet
  • Social media campaigns aimed at teenagers to increase awareness and engagement with dairy products
  • A dairy and sport portal on the website
  • School programme for primary school learner and consumer studies in grades 10 to 12
  • Structured communication with health professionals

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Project Manager: 

Christine Leighton

Christine Leighton