IDF Standards

Should you wish to order any standard, Milk SA will gladly assist.  Please email with details of the standard that you wish to order.  Orders will be directed to the SA National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (SANCIDF) who will inform you of the value of your order. You will then be invoiced accordingly, upon your written confirmation.


Standard Description
IDF 215 - ISO26844

Milk and milk products-Determination of antimicrobial residues - Tube diffusion test

IDF 214-ISO 26462

Milk-determination of lactose content

IDF 214 ISO 26462 2010 e-2010-00512

Milk - Determination of lactose content

IDF 213 - ISO 26323

Milk products-determination of acidification activity of dairy cultures by continous pH measurement (CpH)

IDF 211 ISO 23065 2009

Milk fat from enriched dairy products - Determination of Omega 3 and 6

IDF 210 - ISO 22964

Milk and milk products-Detection of Enterobacter sakazakii

IDF 209-ISO 22160 2007

Milk and milk-based drinks determination of alkaline phosphatase.

IDF 208 - ISO 17193

Milk-determination of the lactoperoxidase activity -photometric method (Reference method)

IDF 206 - ISO 17129

Milk powder-determination of soy and pea proteins using capilary electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS-CE) - Screening method

IDF 205 - ISO 17996

Cheese - determination of rheological properties by uniaxial compression at constant displacement rate

IDF 204 - ISO 22113

Milk and milk products-Determination tritatable acidity of milk fat

IDF 203 - ISO 15322

E Dried milk and dried milk products - determination of their behaviour in hot coffee (Coffee test)

IDF 202 ISO 17678 2010

Milk and Milk products - Determination of milk fat purity by chromatographic analysis

IDF 201 - ISO 21543

Milk products - Guidelines for the application of near infrared spectrometry

IDF 200 - ISO 18252

Anhydrous milk fat - Determination of sterol composition by Gas liquid chromatography (Routine method)

IDF 20-4 - ISO 8968-4 (2016)

Milk and milk products - Determination of nitrogen content - Part 4: Determination of protein and non-protein nitrogen content and true protein content calculation (Reference method) 

IDF 199 - ISO23058

Ovine and capprine rennets - determination of total milk-clotting activity

IDF 198 - ISO 22662

Milk and milk products-Determination of lactose content by high-performance liquid chromatography (Reference method)

IDF 197 ISO 20541 2008

Milk and milk products - Determination of nitrate content - Method by enzymatic reduction, etc.

IDF 171-ISO 14501 2007

Milk and milk powder determination of aflatoxin M1 content.

IDF 157-ISO 11815 2007

Determination of total milk-clotting activity

IDF 156-ISO 11813

Milk and milk products-determination of zinc content

IDF 156 ISO 11813 2010 e-2010-00518

Milk and milk products - Determination of zinc content

IDF 148-1 ISO 13366-1 2008 Cor 1 2009

Milk-enumeration of somatic cells - part 1 - microscopic method - technical corrigendum 1