IDF Standards

Should you wish to order any standard, Milk SA will gladly assist.  Please email with details of the standard that you wish to order.  Orders will be directed to the SA National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (SANCIDF) who will inform you of the value of your order. You will then be invoiced accordingly, upon your written confirmation.


Standard Description
IDF 001 ISO 1211 2010 e-2010-00513

Milk determination of fat content - gravimetric method

IDF 226 ISO 2446 2008

Milk - Determination of fat content

IDF 222 ISO 3433 2008

Cheese - Determination of Fat Content - Van Gulik Method

IDF 016 ISO 2450 2008

Cream - Determination of fat content - Gravimetric method

IDF 115-ISO 5546

Caseins and caseinates-determination of pH