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To report a person or organisation that is not registered with Milk SA, please take note of the following:

  1. A list of registered and deregistered role-players is available below. Make sure the person or organisation you wish to report is not on the list.
  2. If a deregistered role-player is still active to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button.
  3. If a deregistered role-player is still trading to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button

Report an unregistered role-player

Name of role-player Region
360 Missions - Deregistered on 2015-01-01 Mpumalanga
3FUEL SOUTH AFRICA - Deregistered on 2013-03-12 Gauteng
A Fast Services Trade (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2014-01-01 Gauteng
A.J. Cooper - Deregistered on 2011-05-31 Eastern Cape
Abba Moosa Wholesalers - Deregistered on 2010-12-06 KwaZulu-Natal
Abisa Trust - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 North-West
Abraham Liebrecht Pelsser Trust - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 North-West
Abram Sebeso Mohapi (T/A: Dairy Farm) Gauteng
AC ALANT - Deregistered on 2014-03-01 Mpumalanga
Acacia Specialty Chemicals - Deregistered on 2020-12-01 Gauteng
Adriatic Ship Supply & Trading Company Gauteng
Advanced Polymers - Deregistered on 2015-01-01 Gauteng
AECI Specialty Chemicals, a division of AECI Ltd Gauteng
Aegean Foods CC - Deregistered on 2013-08-31 Gauteng
African Cork Suppliers (Pty) Ltd Western Cape
Africhina (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2015-09-23 Western Cape
Afroways Dairy and Multi-Purpose Primary Co-Operative Ltd - Deregistered on 2017-08-28 North-West
AG Van Der Bergh - Deregistered on 2010-07-26 Mpumalanga
Ahmad Khreasat (T/A: Royal Scientific Society) - Deregistered on 2020-01-27 Eastern Cape
AI van Wyk - Deregistered on 2006-09-01 Mpumalanga
Aidan Pomario (T/A: The Garden of Aidan) Western Cape
AIM Fourie - Deregistered on 2013-06-15 Free State
AIR FRANCE (T/A: SOCIETE AIR FRANCE) - Deregistered on 2019-12-01 Gauteng
AJ van Wyk - Deregistered on 2006-03-15 Mpumalanga
Alamo Square Trading 103 CC (T/A: QS Trading) - Deregistered on 2019-02-20 Eastern Cape
Alastair Wallace (T/A: Clere-Lapree (Pty) Ltd) Western Cape
Alexander Hoek (T/A: Alefro CC) - Deregistered on 2020-03-31 Gauteng
Alexkor - Deregistered on 2011-03-07 Northern Cape
Alfalfa Melkery (PTY) LTD (T/A: Alfalfa Melkery) Western Cape
Alfega International (PTY) Ltd Gauteng
Allegraine Farm CC Limpopo
Alpine Cheeses Gauteng
Amberglo Dairies - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Eastern Cape
Ambledale Yoghurt - Deregistered on 2006-08-02 KwaZulu-Natal
Ameer Distribution T/A Melda Dairy KwaZulu-Natal
Amesi Trading PTY LTD Gauteng
Amina's Wonder Spice Trust (T/A: Amina's Wonder Spice) KwaZulu-Natal
Amnandi (PTY) LTD T/A LOWVELD FAVOURITES - Deregistered on 2012-11-06 Mpumalanga
Ancor Melkery North-West
Anne - Marie Conroy (T/A: DL Conroy Farming) - Deregistered on 2018-11-01 Northern Cape
Anysbos Olywe CC Western Cape
APULIA Cheese (T/A: PUGLIA) Western Cape
Arista Dairies PTY LTD - Deregistered on 2012-05-01 Western Cape
Arvan Trading 104cc - Deregistered on 2022-07-01 Gauteng
Avanti Coffees (PTY) Ltd Gauteng
B&S Agencies (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Babylonstoren (Pty) Ltd Western Cape
Bake It Easy (Pty)Ltd Western Cape
Balfour Boerdery - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 North-West
Bamboeshoek Melkery - Deregistered on 2011-12-01 Eastern Cape
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