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To report a person or organisation that is not registered with Milk SA, please take note of the following:

  1. A list of registered and deregistered role-players is available below. Make sure the person or organisation you wish to report is not on the list.
  2. If a deregistered role-player is still active to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button.
  3. If a deregistered role-player is still trading to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button

Report an unregistered role-player

Name of role-player Region
Marcels Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt - Deregistered on 2011-02-01 Western Cape
Marco Frischknecht - Deregistered on 2017-10-10 Western Cape
MARLOW BOERDERY - Deregistered on 2010-10-11 Eastern Cape
Marrakesh Cheese Farm - Deregistered on 2010-12-06 KwaZulu-Natal
Marsing & Co Africa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Martindale Farm - Deregistered on 2014-01-01 Eastern Cape
Marule Projects Gauteng
Mataffin Dairy Cc - Deregistered on 2018-10-31 Mpumalanga
Matsitsing Farm - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Free State
Mayo Dairy(Pty)Ltd - Deregistered on 2018-11-01 Gauteng
Mc Moe Melk Depot - Deregistered on 2010-01-13 Mpumalanga
McCormick Inc Gauteng
Megan Wood (T/A: Essenwood Micro-Dairy) KwaZulu-Natal
Meinfred Boerdery - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Gauteng
Melba Melkery Edms Bpk - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Gauteng
Melk Land Gauteng
Melkweg Melkery - Deregistered on 2011-05-01 Mpumalanga
Melpro Dairy Den - Deregistered on 2013-04-01 Free State
Memory lane trading (Two) CC - Deregistered on 2017-06-21 Western Cape
Mesogeios Foods (Pty)Ltd - Deregistered on 2017-04-01 Gauteng
Meulbosch Suiwel - Deregistered on 2013-06-01 Western Cape
Mexco Distributors (Pty) Ltd Western Cape
Meze Cheese Factory Gauteng
Meze Cheese Factory cc - Deregistered on 2017-12-20 Gauteng
MG Geyer & Son - Deregistered on 2017-07-01 Eastern Cape
MHL Distributors Pty Ltd - Deregistered on 2018-10-26 Western Cape
Mia Swanepoel (T/A: Swartbokkie Suiwel) North-West
Midbank Melkery - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Mpumalanga
Midlands Milk (PTY) Ltd - Deregistered on 2013-12-31 KwaZulu-Natal
Miguel Louis Teixeira (T/A: Afrimax Trading Pty Ltd) Western Cape
Mike Willows Bakery (T/A: Farm Fresh Fruit Juice & Yoghurt) - Deregistered on 2021-02-01 Gauteng
Miko Coffee SA (Pty) Ltd (T/A: Miko Coffee) Western Cape
Miko no 186 (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2015-09-01 Gauteng
Milk A More - Deregistered on 2014-09-01 Gauteng
Milk Canteen - Deregistered on 2011-12-07 Gauteng
Milk Independent - Deregistered on 2013-06-10 Western Cape
Milkmay Dairy (T/A: Milkmay Dairy T/A John Brown) Gauteng
Milkwood Dairy (Pty)Ltd - Deregistered on 2013-02-28 Eastern Cape
Milkwood Farm Products (Pty) Ltd Western Cape
Milky Thing Milkshop CC - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Gauteng
Mimpex Distribution - Deregistered on 2014-01-01 KwaZulu-Natal
Mini Mark - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Mpumalanga
Minzocare pty ltd (T/A: Minzocare pty) Gauteng
Mohubedu - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Limpopo
Mondelez South Africa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Moneyline 207 (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Mont - Vera - Deregistered on 2011-06-01 Western Cape
Monteagle Africa Limited - Deregistered on 2020-09-29 KwaZulu-Natal
Montic Dairy (PTY) LTD - Deregistered on 2016-05-01 Gauteng
Montic Foods Pty Ltd Gauteng
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