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To report a person or organisation that is not registered with Milk SA, please take note of the following:

  1. A list of registered and deregistered role-players is available below. Make sure the person or organisation you wish to report is not on the list.
  2. If a deregistered role-player is still active to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button.
  3. If a deregistered role-player is still trading to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button

Report an unregistered role-player

Name of role-player Region
Drakensberg Farms - Deregistered on 2011-11-01 Eastern Cape
Drakenstein Bestuurs Area - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Western Cape
Dream Valley Foods - Deregistered on 2010-11-15 Gauteng
Dreamview Dairy - Deregistered on 2016-06-03 Gauteng
Driehoek Melk Depot T/A Basic Blue Trading - Deregistered on 2010-04-15 Gauteng
Du Plessis Boerdery - Deregistered on 2009-12-04 Free State
Du Plooy Melkery Trust Gauteng
Dundee Motor Spares PTY LTD (T/A: Norths Motor Spares PTY LTD) - Deregistered on 2022-01-18 KwaZulu-Natal
Dutch Goat Farm Gauteng
Dwars Een Eiendomme BK - Deregistered on 2015-07-22 Gauteng
DWR Hertzog (T/A: Morning Milk) Western Cape
DWR Hertzog (T/A: t/a De Pekelaar) Western Cape
Dynamic Marketing Investment Concepts Pty Ltd - Deregistered on 2018-03-28 Limpopo
E & E Cheese Manufacturing CC (T/A: Pilaros Cheese) Gauteng
E Weitzman (T/A: Elrod Jerseys) Gauteng
East Rand Milk Supplies (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Econocom 401 (T/A: Mooiland) - Deregistered on 2018-12-01 Free State
Edmark Direct Marketing RSA Pty Ltd - Deregistered on 2019-08-20 KwaZulu-Natal
EGOLI DAIRY - Deregistered on 2010-12-06 Mpumalanga
Elandshoek Guest Farm - Deregistered on 2011-08-10 Gauteng
Elidala Trust - Deregistered on 2006-12-01 Mpumalanga
Elisavet Iosif - Deregistered on 2018-09-30 Gauteng
Elkerema Landgoed Beperk Limpopo
Elmien Kruger (T/A: Joydale Suppliers) - Deregistered on 2022-05-17 Northern Cape
Elna Simonis (T/A: Simondeum SA PTY LTD) - Deregistered on 2019-08-31 Western Cape
Elnita Melkery - Deregistered on 2012-02-15 Mpumalanga
Elvors (Edms) Bpk - Deregistered on 2010-12-06 Eastern Cape
Embassy of Finland Gauteng
Emseni Farming (Pty) Ltd t/a Bonle (T/A: Bonle) KwaZulu-Natal
Ethada Boerdery - Deregistered on 2020-02-19 Gauteng
eThekwini Cheese (Pty) Ltd KwaZulu-Natal
Euro Catering Services - Deregistered on 2015-06-01 Western Cape
Euro Catering Services (T/A: Euro Catering) - Deregistered on 2022-03-01 Western Cape
Euro Square Pty Ltd - Deregistered on 2017-09-08 Eastern Cape
Eurolane CC - Deregistered on 2022-05-01 Western Cape
Exodec 245cc T/A Crystal Foods - Deregistered on 2014-02-01 Western Cape
Express Ship Chandlers - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 KwaZulu-Natal
Exquisite Dairy Lounge (T/A: Farm Fresh) Gauteng
F.J. Kotze' Western Cape
F.M. Wadee (T/A: Dairy Whizz) North-West
Fabcos Property Two - Deregistered on 2010-07-01 Gauteng
Fair Cape Dairies (Pty) Ltd Western Cape
Fairfield Dairy (Pty) Ltd KwaZulu-Natal
Fairhaven Dairies (T/A: Fairhaven Trading Trust) KwaZulu-Natal
Fairview Cheese Company Western Cape
Fairview Cheese Company ( Goat ) - Deregistered on 2017-12-31 Western Cape
Fananda Deli / Aktiewe bdy - Deregistered on 2011-12-07 Free State
Fanie van Rensburg Trust (T/A: Wonderheuwel Dairy) - Deregistered on 2022-03-31 Free State
Far End Dairy (Pty) Ltd KwaZulu-Natal
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