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To report a person or organisation that is not registered with Milk SA, please take note of the following:

  1. A list of registered and deregistered role-players is available below. Make sure the person or organisation you wish to report is not on the list.
  2. If a deregistered role-player is still active to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button.
  3. If a deregistered role-player is still trading to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button

Report an unregistered role-player

Name of role-player Region
Dairy Farmers of South Africa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Dairy Lake Foods - Deregistered on 2019-09-26 Eastern Cape
Dairy Network (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2014-01-01 Gauteng
Dairy Queen CC Gauteng
Dairy World (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2014-04-16 Gauteng
Dairy-Best (Pty) Ltd (T/A: Dairy-Best) - Deregistered on 2020-03-01 Western Cape
DairyBelle (Edms) Bpk - Deregistered on 2017-01-01 Gauteng
Dairycom (PTY) LTD - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Gauteng
Daisy Dairy - Deregistered on 2011-09-05 Gauteng
Daisy Field Traders(Pty)Ltd T/A Jennics Dairy - Deregistered on 2014-02-01 North-West
Dal Hoon Lee (T/A: Hankook Trading cc) - Deregistered on 2022-05-17 Gauteng
Dalewood Fromage (Pty) Ltd Western Cape
Danlink Ingredients (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Danone Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Darling Romery (PTY) LTD Western Cape
DAS Commodities (Pty) Ltd (T/A: DAS Commodities) - Deregistered on 2021-01-26 Western Cape
Das Commodities /Gobal Phosphates/Exigrade Feeds - Deregistered on 2015-01-01 Western Cape
Dawson Dairy - Deregistered on 2006-05-11 Eastern Cape
DB Hobson - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Western Cape
De Bocke Goat Dairy - Deregistered on 2013-04-26 Western Cape
De Sashegi Boerdery - Deregistered on 2014-01-01 Gauteng
Debez Investments (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Deep Catch Trading PTY LTD Western Cape
Del Distribution and Trade (Pty) Ltd (T/A: Deltrade) - Deregistered on 2021-01-31 KwaZulu-Natal
Del Shipping and Trading (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2012-10-17 KwaZulu-Natal
Delco Distributors - Deregistered on 2019-11-26 Gauteng
Delindlala Farmers Co-Op (T/A: Delindlala Farmers Primary CO-OP) Eastern Cape
Deneys Swiss Dairy - Deregistered on 2018-12-01 Free State
Denmar Estates (Pty) Ltd (T/A: Denmar Estates) Free State
Dept Correctional Services: Sevontein - Deregistered on 2006-05-12 KwaZulu-Natal
Desert Dove 7 (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2021-01-08 Free State
Deur Die Drif Organic Dairy - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Western Cape
Devenish Boerdery - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Mpumalanga
Dewfresh (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
DH Harman - Deregistered on 2019-02-01 North-West
DI Media - Deregistered on 2019-10-31 Gauteng
DiaSorin South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2019-12-01 Gauteng
Die Suiwelhoekie (T/A: Riedel Trd as Die Suiwelhoekie (Pty)) Free State
Die Vrieskas - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Eastern Cape
Digistics (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Direct Group - Deregistered on 2017-07-12 Eastern Cape
Dirla Jerseys PTY Ltd (T/A: Dirla Jerseys) North-West
DJM Trust Danie Malan (T/A: Salomonsvlei Farm Boerdery) - Deregistered on 2020-09-09 Western Cape
DJS de Wet Melkery - Deregistered on 2010-01-26 Mpumalanga
Dlamini's Livestock and Coal Supplies - Deregistered on 2018-01-01 Mpumalanga
Dolce- Latte Cheese (T/A: The Cheese Shop) Gauteng
Doornkraal Suiwel - Deregistered on 2011-02-07 Gauteng
Douglasdale Dairy (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Dr Oetker South Africa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Dragonfly - Deregistered on 2011-10-01 Western Cape
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