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To report a person or organisation that is not registered with Milk SA, please take note of the following:

  1. A list of registered and deregistered role-players is available below. Make sure the person or organisation you wish to report is not on the list.
  2. If a deregistered role-player is still active to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button.
  3. If a deregistered role-player is still trading to your knowledge, click the ‘Report an unregistered role-player’ button

Report an unregistered role-player

Name of role-player Region
Smeg SA (Pty) Ltd Gauteng
Smith's Dairy CC - Deregistered on 2013-01-28 North-West
Sonnendal Dairies (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2018-10-31 Western Cape
South Bakels (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2020-07-17 Gauteng
Southern Canned Products (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2012-04-17 Western Cape
Soy Africa ( Pty) Ltd KwaZulu-Natal
Soya Farm - Deregistered on 2014-01-01 Western Cape
SPF Export International Pty Ltd (T/A: SPF Export International) Western Cape
Spring Meadow Dairy Farm (Pty) Ltd (T/A: Spring Meadow Dairy) KwaZulu-Natal
SRH Products (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2018-09-30 Eastern Cape
Star Cheese Pty Ltd - Deregistered on 2011-04-01 Mpumalanga
Stellenbosch Kaas (Edms) Bpk Western Cape
Ster Melkery (Erasmus Venootskap) - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Northern Cape
Sterkfontein Melkery - Deregistered on 2010-01-26 Gauteng
Sterkfontein Melkery (Pty) Ltd (T/A: Sterkfontein Melkery) - Deregistered on 2020-06-01 Gauteng
Steve Cragg Advertising t/ Buchanan Group - Deregistered on 2017-04-03 Western Cape
Steve Cragg Advertising t/a Buchanan (T/A: Buchanan) - Deregistered on 2019-09-29 Western Cape
Stewart Broers - Deregistered on 2006-05-17 Northern Cape
Stonelees/Capital Milk Distributors CC - Deregistered on 2015-08-01 KwaZulu-Natal
Stormberg Suiwel (EDMS) - Deregistered on 2014-12-31 Eastern Cape
Strategnos Property CC (T/A: Strategnos) Gauteng
Suiwel Mark - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Free State
Sundale Free Range Dairy Eastern Cape
Sunnydale Dairies Trading Trust - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Eastern Cape
Sunspray Food - Deregistered on 2009-11-11 Gauteng
Sunspray Food Ingredients (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2014-07-04 Gauteng
Super Sconto C.C (T/A: Super Sconto) Gauteng
Swancot SA Pty Ltd - Deregistered on 2015-06-23 Gauteng
Swartkopje Farming - Deregistered on 2014-01-01 Mpumalanga
Sweatit International Trading (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2020-04-30 Gauteng
Swiss Dairy - Deregistered on 2013-04-02 KwaZulu-Natal
Swissland Cheese KwaZulu-Natal
Sydney Lewis Trading Enterprise - Deregistered on 2017-08-15 Western Cape
Sylvia Thompson (T/A: Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy) Limpopo
T & J Products (Pty) Ltd - Deregistered on 2017-01-01 North-West
Taaibosch Kaas - Deregistered on 2018-10-31 Western Cape
Tabak Distribution Durban KwaZulu-Natal
Tacoma Foods (Pty) Ltd Western Cape
Tantinki Cheese CC - Deregistered on 2011-06-20 Western Cape
Target Distribution Pty Ltd - Deregistered on 2020-07-01 Gauteng
TASTEPOINT SA (PTY) LTD. - Deregistered on 2021-04-13 Gauteng
Tate & Lyle SA PTY(Ltd) Gauteng
Tauwfontein Melkery - Deregistered on 2015-10-01 Limpopo
TCJ de Bruin (T/A: Honeymoon Valley Cheese) Mpumalanga
Tendai Mudungwe - Deregistered on 2014-11-02 Gauteng
Tennant Metals South Africa - Deregistered on 2019-12-01 Gauteng
TF Beal'Preston Trust - Deregistered on 2012-07-31 Eastern Cape
TF Haasbroek (T/A: Sterkfontein Melkery ( Farm Fresh ) (The Farm House )) - Deregistered on 2021-04-30 Gauteng
Thami Phakathi Agricultural Pty Ltd KwaZulu-Natal
ThaySuvan Group - Deregistered on 2021-09-06 KwaZulu-Natal
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